We honed our plastering skills over years and years restoring many historical homes, including homes designed by the great American architect Frank Loyd Wright, so we know how to make your walls look good again!


Fine plastering and drywall repair skills are rare today because plastering skills have not been passed down to new generations of painters. 

Derek Harmon was fortunate to learn plastering and drywall repair as a new painter and he brings these fine skills to your project.

Damage Repair

Accidents happen to walls, but it's possible to repair damage so the wall looks new again.  We have that skill!

Nail Holes

Filling a nail hole requires more than simply slathering on spackle and painting over it.  Careful application, thorough sanding, and spot priming will ensure that your walls look professionally prepared and smooth when painted.

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Plastering & Drywall Repair

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